In addition to her work as a performer and writer, Rebbekah is a bruja, who helps people through her tarot readings. She grew up in an interfaith household, and was steeped in both Jewish and Catholic traditions as a child. She was also influenced by the secret witchcraft of her tias. As a young woman, she found herself increasingly frustrated in her quest for spiritual guidance. First, in the Judaism of her mother's family; then after an intense period of study and conversion, with the Catholicism of her father's upbringing. While going through the breakdown of her first marriage, a dear friend of hers became a taroist, and guided Rebbekah to reclaim her intuition through a relationship with the cards. 

Now, Rebbekah offers the fortifying archetypal medicine of the cards and their wisdom to you. Explore your options here, and know that this is a safe space to ask the questions that you are afraid to face alone.

New Moon 

The new moon is a time to plant intentions. This spread is customized to the particular moon cycle to empower you to refocus for the cycle ahead.

Full Moon

The full moon is a great time to celebrate lessons learned, harvest knowledge, and move forward into the next phase

Pressing Questions

If you have a question that is weighing on you, a tarot reading can help you unpack it and take action.

Year Ahead

On your birthday, at the New Year, or at a major turning point? A year ahead reading is a great way to gain clarity and plan for the future you want.

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