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Podcast Appearances

Down the Yellow Brick Pod:
Season 3: Good Witches of the Concrete Jungle Series, Ep. 70

Down the Yellow Brick Pod is a delightful podcast exploring all things Oz, hosted by Tara Tagliaferro & Emily Kay Shrader. From the show notes: "Actress, singer, writer, poet, and Good Witch Rebbekah Vega-Romero joins the Good Witches of the Concrete Jungle Series to share all about growing up in New York City, the journey to find her voice as a writer and performer through the many twists and turns of life, what led her to explore the world of tarot and of course, her connection to the world of Oz. Plus, Rebbekah even leads our community through a tarot reading to close out 2022 and usher us into 2023!"

The Practice Parlour:
Ep. 14: Tuning Into Intuition

The Practice Parlour, led by Gina Morgano, is a conversation series with world-class artists about the practices that shape their lives - both onstage and off. In this episode, Rebbekah shares her artistic journey, and includes tips on how to set your intentions with the moon and tap into your intuition.

The Bushwick Variety Show:
Ep. 85: The Question

The Bushwick Variety Show is a podcast where Alec Stephens III has conversations with musicians, artists, innovators and visionaries from Bushwick and beyond, of all sorts and at all levels of experience in their process to help elevate their voices to a broader audience and help inspire, encourage and educate others on how to successfully pursue and manifest their dreams.

Conversations w/a Mixed Chick:
Ep. 10: What I Really Want To Say

Rebbekah had the honor of acting as guest host for the season one finale of Conversations with a Mixed Chick, and she interviewed the titular Mixed Chick! From the show notes: "Christina sits down with your guest mixed chick, Rebbekah Vega-Romero. It's a jam-packed episode, full of incredible wisdom, laughs and really personal stories. Welcome to our Season 1 Finale!"

Conversations w/a Mixed Chick:
Ep. 4: Err Towards Purple

Before hosting, Rebbekah was proud to be one of the first guests on Christina's insightful podcast. From Christina: "Christina sits down with fellow Mixed Chick, Rebbekah Vega-Romero. Rebbekah stories are filled with honesty, visibility, and loads of glitter. Though passion and lived experience we talk about how to navigate this world as Mixed Chick. Rebbekah is one of the main reasons this podcast even exists. ¡Te amo!"

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